Hi, I’m Nikki Rodwell….

I’m just an ordinary woman learning to become ‘extraordinary’ by carving out a wonderful life and steering myself towards my full potential each and every day with the help of lessons learnt by my life experiences, my wonderful husband and an amazing opportunity which presented itself to me in more recent years by the name of ‘Tropic Skincare’, a brand with whom I am now an Executive Manager. More recently however, I experienced a traumatic accident resulting in my being in a wheelchair and a 3 month recuperation period which has involved learning to walk again. This has taught me incredible lessons and taken me through the steepest learning curve of personal development so far. I look forward to sharing this with you.

I believe we are all capable of miracles…. or ‘extraordinary’ achievements for ourselves. Seeing one human being achieve such things is living proof that we can ALL do this in our lives if we create the right mindset and drive.

My first attempts at blogging will be about my journey to find acceptance of my spinal injury and creating the mindset to find new skills to adapt and learn to walk again and defy the prognosis initially given. I hope it will give an insight to the complications of the spinal cord and give hope to others who may experience something similar. This will hopefully lead onto life skills to empower women to gain in confidence, self-belief and learn to live ‘their best life’ they have always wanted to live.

My lack of confidence as a writer has held me back from finishing my book which I started some years ago, but I tell women all the time ‘start today’,say yes to opportunity’, ‘do one thing that scares you every day’  ‘try something new’ or ‘better to have tried and failed than to fail trying’ so that is exactly what I am doing.  Starting a new blog to share uplifting experiences, empowering women, and generally sharing how we can better ourselves personally, professionally and spiritually if we are willing to accept ‘change’.

I am not a gifted writer like some people (namely my own daughters) but hopefully with the help of ‘spell check’, and a ‘thesauras’ I will put together my ramblings in a format that may just make sense to you…… 

Thank you for joining me. 

NIKKI xxxx

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