I Just Don’t Have Time!

A different blog and a little out of sync with my previous blogs about my journey to recovery from my spinal injury….. but with the current climate I just felt an urgency to get this off my chest so if you have a few minutes to take the ‘time’ to read, I would be very grateful. 

How often do you use the excuse ‘I just don’t have time?’  Be honest…. We’ve all done it!  But some of us more than others, and interestingly in my line of business I hear it a lot! I also know from what I see that the most successful people are usually the busiest people and they are the ones who ‘find time’, mainly because they have their priorities and life organised in such a way they aren’t running round in circles wasting more time than necessary being stressed by ‘having no time’ and they embrace ‘being busy’.  I’ve seen busy mums juggling numerous children, jobs, being on the committee for every imaginable group, running the home single handedly whilst managing a successful ‘home business’ at the same time!  To the other extreme I’ve seen people who potter around at home in the garden with no jobs or family commitments complaining of ‘stress’ and being too busy all the time, exhausted by doing their weekly shopping!!  So you see I really do believe it all to be a ‘state of mind’.  

For those who know me…. You will know that I am an ambassador for Tropic skincare and have been for the past 4 ½ years.  You will also know how passionate I am about what I do and the joy it has brought me.  As well as being empowered by meeting and making so many new friends, having opportunities like my trips to Lapland, Mauritius and South Africa, I have also been fortunate enough to have built a business that still brought me a full-time income even whilst in hospital with a broken back for 4 months!  It has shaped me into the person that I am today and given me a confidence I never knew I had. 

So, as well as having no hesitation in recommending our amazing products (recommending sounds so much better than ‘selling’ since I have never considered myself a sales person!) I also have no hesitation in ‘recommending’ people to join my amazing team of Tropic Troupers!   This is no different to the way you would recommend a great film you’ve seen or an amazing restaurant you may have eaten at.  When you truly believe in something you don’t hesitate to recommend it.  However, with my business I have learnt to acclimatise quite quickly to hearing people’s knock backs and excuses and yes, guess what the most popular reason is….. you’ve guessed it ‘I just don’t have time!’

So I would ask everyone I have asked or recommended to find out about becoming an ambassador before…. have you got time now?  Have you got time to do a 2 hour online training presentation with me and watch a few training videos before embarking on your own exciting beauty business?  Despite the current climate and probably a lot more time on your hands, I bet for most the answer would still be ‘NO’ I haven’t got time…….. because I know that deep down, time is not really the issue.   9 times out of 10 people refuse to even just take a look, not just at the Tropic opportunity, but at any opportunity of something new because of one reason that afflicts all of humanity these days.   Let me expand…

As cavemen our daily life consisted of living in daily fear of impending death as we never knew what was around the next corner.  There were lions and tigers and other animals hunting us down for their next meal! Yes it’s true!  Can you imagine living on a daily basis not knowing if you may be a tiger’s dinner?  We were programmed to live with the constant stress and fear with our main objective of staying alive. 

Obviously with evolution we no longer have to use our fight or flight instinct daily from being hunted by predators.  No,  but instead, we have a new fear, a different fear…. the greatest fear that we are globally inflicted with nowadays and that is …… (drumroll) 

The Fear of ‘Failure!’

Something we have created and subconsciously let affect our every action and thought through our journey of life! 

We have wrongly believed most of our life that the flip side of success is ‘failure’.  But it is a necessary part of success. It is not to be feared!  If you say ‘no’ to opportunity or trying something new, or making change, that ironically is more of a ‘failure’ isn’t it?

Its better to try and fail, than to fail trying!!  

Each failure builds us to the next big success! It is what we learn on the journey that is most important and makes the difference!

Sadly,  human nature has taught us to be cautious and stay in our comfort zone in order to ‘avoid’ the risk of facing any failure! Saying ‘yes’ to something new and unknown is most definitely outside of that comfort zone and most will talk themselves out of taking a ‘risk’ or ‘trying something new’ just in case they ‘fail’.  With my offer I believe that quite often people have internal conversations saying things like ‘ I’m not the sort of person who does sales, I’m not confident enough to speak to people, I don’t want to be one of those pushy people,  It’s probably one of those scams, I Don’t Have Time!! etc  when deep down they are thinking ‘what will my friends think, what If I’m no good at it? What if I make a fool of myself and don’t make it work? What if I can’t learn something new?

Ironically most people are not content in their lives and looking for something which is missing, be it financially, maybe something for them, making a difference to others, or that certain ‘new lease of life’ …. which invariably can only be found ‘outside of their comfort zone’

Albert Einstein said:

‘ Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’ 

This sadly describes what an awful lot people do, staying stuck in a job they may not be happy in, or a relationship that drags them down, or making excuses to avoid making changes that would help them better themselves or their lives in some way.  Instead they do the same thing day in and day out and wonder why they cant reach that point of contentment, feeling their full worth, or finding success.

 The great news is that as humans we all have equal unlimited potential… the potential to ‘level up’ and achieve a 10/10 in some or all areas of our life. The only place it can be found is ‘outside’ of your comfort zone, and believe me, the rewards are huge there, but you have to be brave enough to go there.

Now don’t get me wrong…. I’m not assuming that becoming a Tropic ambassador is the answer for everyone to reach their full potential (in fact for some, they really should steer clear!),  but I do believe we all need to be a little bit braver and say ‘YES’ to things we may normally shy away from!   Make ‘time’ for a new challenge, do something you haven’t done before and ‘think big’ !! That is how you go from the small bubble in the picture to the large bubble where ‘magic happens’.

So who do I believe should take a look at the Tropic opportunity in order to find out whether it could be something for them?……. EVERYONE WITH SKIN of course! 😂 😂 No just kidding!! Well obviously ladies (but I do have had 2 men in our team) ! Well, ladies who have an interest or passion for beauty, skincare, makeup OR sharing our green beauty message to be more accurate. Oh, and making a difference to the planet and helping others to make healthier choices.

As a Tropic Ambassador, we all have the same important message to get out to the world which is that ‘Beauty should not have to compromise our health’ and together we can create a ‘Greener, Cleaner and more Empowered World’ 💚.

Thank you for reading and of course do get in touch if you would like some more information about becoming a Tropic Ambassador. xx (Nikki.rodwell@outlook.com)

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